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Negro Artist Artifacts of Captive People, launches a new search effort for museum-caliber artifacts from the African American diaspora.

We look outside the boundaries of the museum to uncover new works of art, inventions, and pottery. Beginning in the 14th century and finishing with the Civil War and Reconstruction, NAACP examines the history of slavery and freedom—the cornerstone of America’s founding.

The exhibition new found artwork explores the economic and political ramifications of the creation of modern slavery and the idea of freedom, both of which were fundamental to the growth of the United States. It does this through first-person testimonies and artifacts.

Most importantly, it takes into account both the contributions made by both free and enslaved African Americans to the formation of America as well as their struggles to maintain their humanity while living under cruel conditions.

We are negotiating for and searching for artifacts that are of tremendous value to the history of the southern slave artisans, including pottery and inventions, that belong to the families in the South whose ancestors owned slaves

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