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Tips for your First Trade Show

If you’re familiar with the idea of a trade show, even as a passive observer, you might know how important trade shows are for marking a business officially. Tradeshows provide you the best platform to increase brand awareness and communicate with your potential consumer base quite effectively, therefore it is important to know to represent your business at a trade show.

First things first. Make sure to find out who will be attending the tradeshow. Conduct your own research on this one. It would be appropriate to try and get a hold of the attendee list beforehand so that you could take the nature of your audience into account when planning your exhibit.

Make sure to bring your “A” team. Why does this matter? Your team has a huge impact on how the event goes for the company. While you can either bring your own team or hire a team through an event staffing agency, make sure that you can be authentic and comfortable around the people you choose to accompany you. You need to put up a team that’ll get you covered in every possible aspect while complementing each other’s skills.

Next, make sure that your staff is well prepared. People will ask questions and inquire about every and all parts of your company; it is important that you are ready for anything and everything. Your team needs to be well versed about potential questions about your company, its objectives, and what it provides. Instill a sense of friendliness within your staff that will not only aid to promote sales but to also establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

You need to display your product in front of an entire audience so do make sure that your product is well prepared to be seen, touched or even tasted by anyone who might want to test it out.

Your physical health is just as important as any of these so do make sure to get a good night’s sleep and mentally prepare yourself for the event. Stay hydrated and do anything that’ll make you relaxed before the tradeshow, whether or not you’re introverted.

Most attendees would absolutely love seats or a lounge within your trade show area so don’t forget to set up an area for a fatigued attendee. This will attract more traffic into your booth and what’s more, you could even have a pleasant conversation with a potential customer.

People love free stuff. If that is what they truly desire, you need to make a score out of it! The law of reciprocity states that whenever something free is distributed, attendees are likely to make a purchase so make the best use of it. It needn’t be anything complex; anything from freshly baked cookies to hats, pens, water bottles and notebooks would work just fine.

Make the best use of the tradeshow when it showers you with opportunities. Push away your introverted personality and don’t be afraid to ask questions and engage with your attendees whenever possible.

Showcase your leadership by speaking confidently. Although this may seem easier said than done, you can contact the tradeshow organizers and request a stage to share something valuable with the audience. Make sure you avoid promoting and make sure to do something that’ll mark your position and make you a person that can be turned to with trust.

Don’t forget to make your tradeshow display catchy and attractive. Tradeshows are full of memorable distractions, make sure to mark yours as one too!

Be prepared with heaps of business cards and brochures! Since tradeshows are a place where companies and consumers connect, sharing information such as a business card can be signs of future contact so don’t miss out on it.

While trade shows may have digitalized methods of making notes, it is important that you make your lead notes in any way that feels convenient. Note down potential customer needs and wants and make sure that you address them when you follow up.

Make sure to keep your promises when it comes to follow-ups. Within days or hours after the tradeshow, make a mental note to answer all the questions and inquiries that have been made and reach out to other people. This can be a great start to long-term business relationships.

Tradeshow floors often run the social media chatter, so don’t forget to make good use of it. Socials like Twitter can keep you connected to your fellow attendees and will make follow-ups much easier.

In general, preparing for your first tradeshow can be nerve-wracking but always remember that this is one of the best opportunities for you to market your brand. Have fun, interact with people and make the most out of your time at tradeshows. While you proceed to your next tradeshow, refer to the mistakes you’ve made in the past ones and correct yourself. After a few tradeshows, you’ll be confident and shining in no time!

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